1. inliquidart:

    The final two #InLiquidMembers will be installing at Spruce Street Harbor Park this weekend.

    Saturday, July 26:
    Tyler Kline is an installation artist using provocative materials, chance, and error to create abstract objects and environments that border on the familiar but defies a straight-forward interpretation. During AiO, he created a moveable installation out of wood and spray paint on the apex of the Schuylkill trail, emphasizing location, and creating a sculpture that was also an environment.

    Sunday, July 27:
    Susan Benarcik hand-crafts architectural sculptures using discarded man-made and natural materials. Her work explores natural forms, mimicking nature in a way that the objects are at once natural-looking and other-worldly. During AiO, she gathered materials from the Schuylkill banks and created several site-specific hanging illuminated sculptural installations.


    #AIO #Philadelphia 

  2. sfmoma:


    Hilary White. “Across”. 7 ft x 7 ft x 14 in . wood, plexiglass, oil paint, acrylic paint, spray paint.

    "Across" was a part of a new series titled "Seer" using imagery from scientific diagrams and faith based text.

    #HilaryWhite #across #seer #sfmoma

    (via darksilenceinsuburbia)

  3. DoN Brewer, Oneida Resort. Oil on canvas 12” x 12”

  4. Plein air Camp Oneida. #camponeida (at Oneida Campground And Lodge)

  5. paradigm-gallery:

    "I Am Here" exhibition announcement: Join us as #Paperclips215 (@paperclips215), one of Philadelphia’s strongest sources in the arts scene, moderates a panel discussion with the artists: Joe Boruchow (@joeboruchow), Jessie Hemmons (@ishknits), Conrad Benner (@streetsdept), Kid Hazo (@kidhazo - That’s right! You might not see him, but he’ll be there in some way.) and Sara McCorriston, curator of I AM HERE on the current perception of street art.

    This all inclusive terminology remains the subject of controversy, a safe ‘art umbrella’ sheltering notions that force us to reconsider the shift in art culture. Can we cross the divide between institutional and street-based art?

    We’ll talk about all that and more on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 from 7-9pm at #JamesOliverGallery (@jogallery723). There will be an open viewing hour, starting at 6pm, of the exhibition prior to the evening’s discussion.

    Please RSVP here: http://bit.ly/1tSenI6
    (Clickable direct link in our IG profile)

    #iamherephilly #clips215 #paneldiscussion #streetart #kidhazo (at James Oliver Gallery)

    #JamesOliverGallery #Philadelphia #art #PaperClips215

  6. paradigm-gallery:

    "TotemWest" by @Nosego 👌, now up on the site. http://paradigmarts.org/collections/nosego (clickable direct link on our profile page) #nosego #paradigmgallery #painting #newcontemporary (at Paradigm Gallery + Studio)

    #nosego #paradigm

  7. Veronica Meekins. Rooftops. Graphite. #modelsasartists #plasticclub #art #philadelphia (at The Plastic Club)

  8. Anna Romaniuk. Stand-off. Oil. #modelsasartists #plasticclub #philadelphia #art (at The Plastic Club)

  9. Jenn Warpole. #modelsasartists #plasticclub #philadelphia #art (at The Plastic Club)

  10. Drums. #modelsasartists #plasticclub #philadelphia #art #drums (at The Plastic Club)